Sunday, May 5, 2013

Epic beginnings lead to epic adventures

Two years after scribbling in my journal on the rooftop of a hostel in Tulum, things are spiraling into existence with the reality of Jamqwest coming true. As i wrote the words it was more of a dream. I had thought of the perfect way of following two of my absolute passions in life. Music, and the great outdoors.
. Even as my pencil etched the word Jamqwest into my tattered notebook, one of the words I scribbled with it was pipe dream. I didn't realize that I was capable of making it my reality.

Getting the drums to epic nature stages
Now, two years later after hopping around the world experiencing the most incredible spiritual and physical quests, I've gained enough wisdom to know that anything is possible. JamQwest is becoming reality.

Every time I've come home from a journey with more experience and more knowledge, I've realized that what I was searching for across the world needs to start right here in Oregon. As I sit here now, in my hometown I realize how much has been manifesting to make this quest happen. My Rv (the whalefish/JamQwestMobile) sits totally re-created to be a mobile Jam studio/ crew carrier, (after a lot of sweat and work) I've got the drums, the recording equipment, the spunk, and an entire film crew ready and helping to manifest this quest.

Philosophy behind Jamqwest-

One of the most incredible painters experienced said to me- I didn't paint this. The universe did. Those words changed the way that I view creation. When one has the ability to open up to the flow of creativity, everything becomes possible. This man painted the unimaginable. But there's no such thing as unimaginable. So it got me to thinking, how can I best access my own creative flow? I knew it would be through music. The places that I've experienced in my own head through music have made me realize that everything is possible. And to access this untapped, untouched creative flow within my own spirit I realized that it was only possible in beautiful, untouched, untapped unimaginable mama nature. Hence- Jamqwest.

 I am traveling around to the most remote, beautiful amazing locations steeped in the flow of mama nature and leap into the river of creativity with my drums. A perfect way to incorporate my love for hiking, climbing and music into one epic qwest. The difference between the painter and I, is when he tapped in, his magic showed up on canvas. My magic will show up through microphones, an interface, a Macbook, and some wikkid headphones. Also accompanying me on this journey is Jerred North. Epic film Badass. I told Jerred of the idea when I came home from Central America and he loved it although he didn't believe in it at that point. Now he is seeing everything manifesting and he's stoked to be a part of the dream. And with Jerred comes a whole crew of film badass's and all the awesome equipment of a professional video production team.