Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hats Complete, Onesies in, track getting more and more delicious

Good news! Now have 3 different styles of JamQwest hats complete with more styles in the making. Also received my first shipment of Festival Qwestable JamQwest onesies and now am in the process of making them fully decked out for festi qwesti season which is quickly approaching! I'll have pictures of the onesies as soon as they're fully functional with the JamQwest logo, scarves, hide-a-pocks and sacred geometry hoods.
 JamQwest hats

The video track is progressing nicely just spent the last 3 days recording and editing in JamDome to come up with the drum, dij and flute aspect of the track which will await sugarbeats' electronic additions
Sugarbeats working some magic

Also, as the video comes closer to completion we've been crafting big plans for an awesome release party for the JamQwest vid. Stay tuned for more details, it will be the first ever live showing of JamQwest followed by a full set by Sugarbeats. LogicDesigns is working on a badass event poster now which will be released as soon as we pick a date to release our baby into the world!
Ryan of LogicDesigns putting in work to create an eye catching event poster

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Vid track

I'm happy to announce that JamQwest has teamed up with the one and only SugarBeats to create a killer soundtrack for the JamQwest monkeyface vid.

You can check Sugarbeats on pandora or on facebook https://www.facebook.com/SugarBeatsMusic
We were about 3 days from releasing the video with a soundtrack from a band called tune yards but luckily Jerred decided to email them and ask their permission to use this track (which at the time seemed to perfect to let go of) and upon hearing back from them we found out that their management nay sayed our using the song.  So began the qwest to custom create our own JQ sound. 

Now SugarBeats has agreed to be the "unofficial" JamQwest dj they're working on pumping out an awesome track which will feature my drums, but mixed into their geniusly candycoated beats. Stoked to keep the creativity flowing out of Oregon with these doods being from Ashland. 

What does it mean to be the Unofficial JamQwest DJ? 

It means that Ananda Goldsmith and Luke Estes, the two brains behind the sugar coated beats are not only helping to create an incredibly mind bending soundtrack, but they also have decided to cruise with us for our next JamQwest vid. So add some Dj electrobeats to the list of wildness to come. 
 Side note- in the process of creating JamQwest onesies! They'll be embellished with the JamQwest logo and decked out for festies and qwesties. Stay tuned for more info/how to acquire<3