Monday, March 31, 2014

JamQwest Logo

JamQwest Logo has been created! Logic Designs did a wikkid job at making a sweet logo to rep the qwest. Stikkin some moves on gettin some cool gear made now- Onesees n hats for sure. Some stickers. 


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Exciting News!

7 months since we trekked and climbed through the deserts of Central Oregon to create our maiden JamQwest voyage.  Its been a huge test of patience waiting for all the pieces of the puzzle to come together, from epic qwesting to getting all the details worked out on the vid.

Our camera guys were able to get tons of footage during our two days of shooting and I'm stoked to say that the guys at Cascadium Pictures are pros and their talent shines in what they were able to come up with to represent my dream of JamQwest. The video sits in its final stages of editing, just waiting for the perfect track to flow creatively through our veins.

 We're working with some incredible artists both in Portland and Southern Oregon to come up with the perfect track. I'll be releasing the artists that will be featured in the soundtrack shortly and am stoked to say that I'll be able to give a release date for the video soon! With that comes the planning of a release party- JamQwest style. Stay tuned for details I'll be tuning back into my blog now that we're getting closer to releasing which means we climb ever closer to creating JamQwest #2.

Also found this vid by some hikers of jammin on monkey! Poor quality but pretty funny. Rest assured the footage we got actually does the qwest justice

I'll be posting pictures shortly of the NEW JamQwest mobile as well as releasing some info on some incredible individuals that we'll be collaborating with in the near future.