Thursday, August 29, 2013

Behind the Scenes JQwest Pics

Finally got to share a few beers with the film crew Jerred and Neil. A moment I've been looking forward to since I watched them walk away after capturing the final shot. We finally got to discuss and watch our rough cut of the jamqwest video together as well as figure out how I'm going to make the soundtrack. Cant wait to see the final version and share it but for now just got some sweet behind the scenes pics.
Jam on the way to monkey face



Camera crew tryin to find epic shot

Tye roll


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pics of the Quest

Jerred put together a set of stills from the actual JamQwest film

Gnar gear cliff transfer

360 view top Mokey Jam

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sent First Ascent of Monkey Face with a Drumset

So the time came, kickstarter campaign ended today with less than sufficient funding. But luckily here at Bangerang Productions and Cascadium Pictures we don't let petty fundings stand in the way of our dreams. We rangled ourselves an amazing crew of people and all of the proper equipment and with a twinkle of hope in our eyes we crossed rivers, struggled through dusty deserts, up mountains and through deep valleys and managed to ascend the infamous Monkey Face with a full drum set and a  video camera. We made this thing happen on a budget of pebbles and a belief that we could do anything. And now I sit here, safe and sound back in southern Oregon typing about the most incredible jam of my life. We survived three full days and a night on the majestic monkey and even braved a thunderstorm from the top of the 400 foot spire. It was everything I had hoped for and more and now i bring to you pictures of this life changing journey. Heroic cameramen Jerred North and Neil Karstetter with tell this epic tale through the eyes of the camera and I look forward to bringing this footage to those who dared to believe in JamQwest.
Highline Badass Lorn setting the line for us to cart gear across. 300 foot drop exposure... crazy

Prep time

Tito scalin to the top
Refuge Monkey Cave

Straight plannin


Lots of gear

Shade sesh

Monkey Highline

Big camera atop big monkey

Settin up


Waitin out the storm cave

Pretty shots- Neil K.

Big J

Epic spire sunset

behind me lies 300 ft drop

Might as well throw in a little more danger

Back at the biv

Cave camp got sick of descending the Monkey at night

The moment when jam is over, all drums are safely back to stable ground

More awesome pictures of the jam and the journey to come as well as the film JamQwest.