Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Actual JamQwest Mission Statement

Last time I tried to write our mission statement I got distracted with our onesie photo shoot! So here's the deal with JamQwest.

JamQwest Mission Statement:

JamQwest is an ever morphing manifestation channeled to my brain during an ayahuasca ceremony on my travels in South America. This to me is a  way to make this journey of life one of passion and purpose. JamQwest is based on the principles of extreme adventure, joy, creativity and a desire to blast beyond societal boundaries and barriers. To create something that has never been seen or done before.

We are an ever growing, ever expanding tribe of artists, dancers, and musicians on a quest to raise the vibrations of the world and expand peoples consciousness by sharing new ideas, positive & inspiring media, and festivities meant to expand, heal, express, enhance and enlighten.

As we grow, we aim to create a network of awake, tuned in people that share the same desires for healing and creative freedom. People who are ready to spread the light and help us with our goal of crystal gridding the world, as well as join in our healing ceremonies, our sun gazing meditation hikes and our mind blowing videos. As we continue to generate funding we aim to send healing stones and grid patterns to fellow "questers" in places in need of healing to create a grid throughout the world.

Most of our funding comes through the sales of hand painted hats,  Festival Qwestable JamQwest Onesies and hand painted ladies panties. All of our clothing is represented by our logo which is an eyeball with a Sri Yantra as the pupil. The eyeball represents vision- for all that is created starts with having a vision. The Sri Yantra is a very powerful symbol which is a representation of the union of divine masculine and femine. It is comprised of nine triangles which represent the masculine and feminine, and intersect to create 43 smaller triangles which are symbolic of the cosmos or the womb of creation.

We've opened ourselves up to the abundant flow of the universe so we expect to continue to generate more funding through our parties and sponsorships with the release of our first video: Operation Monkeyface.

We believe in a world of limitless possibilities. As this way of thinking shows up through our art, music and films, our hope is that people will be inspired to believe the same.

All of our festivities and videos take place in the depths of nature where our creative passions are unbound and flowing. Nature allows our creativity to come out without conscious thoughts. That's where the extreme adventure comes in and JamQwest gets exciting.

Other news- Operation MonkeyFace is set to be released on July 1st! We're finishing up our track with SugarBeats which means our creation will be ready to be shared with the world!  We're hosting an Alice in JamQwestLand Tea party to celebrate! I'll be releasing a date and more info on that soon! Check out our JamQwest Facebook to keep up on details!

Also our online shop is now life so you can rock the JamQwest gear and support our cause! JamQwest on Etsy