Saturday, May 31, 2014

JamQwest Mission Statement

Since Operation MonkeyFace JamQwest has evolved. We have a manager, Elife Don, and our tribe is multiplying. JamQwest is morphing from one mans psychedelic journey to play the drums to an organization destined to spread our high vibrations in a wildly creative format. We've collected some amazing fire spinners and dancers, and have developed a full line of JamQwest gear including adult Festival Qwestable JamQwest onesies, hats, shirts, and stickers. 

As a tribe we throw desert parties to bring awareness to our cause, we've been known to throw bonfires with trampolines, drums, saxophone and our fire boys in the middle of the desert. Onesie clad we rock and create, riding tricycles through towns that need to see something weird. 

JamQwest Lifestyle:
 A lifestyle where anything and everything is possible. A lifestyle where starry night desert bonfires and didjiridoo sunrises are the norm. Where we as a tribe are willing to face the elements of mama nature and push ourselves to our physical and mental limits in order to bring forth our untampered creativity.

Where we feed each other strawberries and laugh, spreading abundance and joy wherever we choose to be. Bringing awareness and consciousness to those who have fallen into societal traps or ruts.

 We move as a tribe shining our brilliant creativity through our art, whether it be playing drums, spinning fire, dancing, painting or building altars to give gratitude to the divine.

 To help spread this message we are creating videos that capture the essence of our flow- our hope is that a flame will spark in those that watch it, a spark of inspiration. And people will begin to think.

Here's some photos from our Sunrise Photoshoot:

Our first video is coming soon! JamQwest operation monkey face is finally nearing completion and getting ready to be brought to the public eye!

Also if you like what you see in the photos with the hats or JamQwest onesies our online shop is coming soon!