Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Time is Now

I Just got off the phone with cameraman Jerred North, him and Neil Karstetter are set to arrive at Smith Rock early Sunday for 2 full days of filming this epic JamQwest. Our kickstarter budget did not do as well as hoped but we are still going to make it awesome out of pock and we're going to rock it. No drone cams, but we have a crew and still some amazing equipment to make this film come to life. My drums sit half way up the Mt. in a cave waiting for the moment to arrive. I'm waiting to meet up with Lorn- awesome high line badass and we will figure the logistics of the line from cliff to monkey mouth as well as climb the monkey and rig the line. I will be capturing all of this footage with the help of my trusty go pros. Once the line is set up it will be a matter of hauling the drums to the line, and piece by piece getting them across the 30 foot jaw dropping gap to the monkey mouth. From there we will have to rig a pulley system to get the drums the last 30 feet to the top of the monkey where I will jam where no one has jammed before. Ever.