Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hittin the road

Although I was stoked to reach 20% funding on our kickstarter, I realized that JamQwest wasn't gaining the momentum that it needed, so I threw my drums in the subaru and went on a recon mission to Smith Rock state park- home of the legendary Monkeyface. I've had the opportunity to watch people climbing it, and been studying up on exactly how I'm going to make this happen, and meeting a lot of lifers that have spent lots of time on monkeyface and know the routes.  The view of MonkeyFace is magnificent and I'm stoked to get the chance to make magic up there. I will be joined by Jerred (cameraman) in a few days so that we can plan the route and what the most optimal filming vantage points will be for him.
Monkey Face notice the line between the cliff and the monkey mouth- thats where we will build a pulley for the drums

We will be hiking up Misery Ridge Trail- A very steep and rugged trail

Turns out its a 400 foot spire. Epic

We're going to climb that cheese

I love that the lifestyle that comes with JamQwest is sleeping on epic cliffs that overlook winding rivers, hiking through stunning terrains, and jamming in nature all in the name of the most epic jam. 

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